Dewis Cymru

Dewis Cymru is a new website bringing together information and advice about wellbeing in Wales.

Wellbeing is about more than just good health. It is about feeling safe and secure, getting out and about, keeping in touch with friends and family, your work and living conditions, and much more. Dewis has information about these topics, and links to organisations that can help you.

The Dewis directory contains organisations, services and groups that can help you:

  • search by simply entering your postcode and what you’re looking for (e.g. lunch club, arthritis, home safety).
  • Dewis will find resources within 5 miles of the postcode, but you can look further afield with the ‘advanced search’ option.
  • The directory is divided up into different categories which you can also search by, including: community health, housing, leisure, transport, and much more. If you’re searching for someone else, you can also email the search results or print them in a ‘friendly’ format.

There are currently around 3700 organisations and services on Dewis – 1900 of which are in North Wales – and it is growing. Since the website started in September 2015, there have been over 370,000 page views. Contacts in the directory are asked to update their information every 6 months so we can make sure Dewis is kept up to date.

If you are an organisation, group or service that helps people with their wellbeing, you can register and add your details to Dewis for free so that people who you want to help and support can find you more easily.

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